This document defines the process that will be used to facilitate the enrollment of students in a semester-based program, into courses offered on the quarter terms, until such time as the University calendars are harmonized.



Following the University’s academic calendar, and the schedule of academic activities, enrollment start and end dates will be set by the Registrar’s office.

Courses offered on the Quarter term will not be duplicated on the semester term, except in case 3 below.

If a student or advisor identifies a course applicable to the student’s degree program, offered only on the quarter term, and the quarter term falls within the start/end dates of the corresponding semester term, the student may enroll in the course.

  1. During the student’s enrollment period, the student will fill out an add/drop form, and obtain their academic advisor’s signature;
  2. The student must take the form to Student Administrative Services (SAS) for processing by the Registrar’s office;
  3. The Registrar’s office will verify the course has seats available, and if so, will create a copy of the course on the semester term, with the start/end dates of the class coinciding with the quarter term dates;
  4. The Registrar’s office will enroll the student into the class;
  5. The Registrar’s office will adjust the maximum capacity on the corresponding section held in the quarter term, to account for the additional enrollment within the semester term;
  6. The Registrar’s office will notify the student, advisor, and course instructor via email when the enrollment is complete, and ensure all documents are retained in Nolij;
  7. The instructor will be responsible for ensuring all semester-based students have access to class materials via Moodle;
  8. The instructor will be responsible for entering midterm and final grades for all students, regardless of term.
    1. Grading will occur on the timeline set for the quarter term