To ensure the security of Clarkson's network, it is required that all student owned computers run an anti-virus program. There are many free software packages available for your use, including the following:


Avast!Anti-Virus program for Windows. The home edition is freeware for noncommerical users.
AVG Free editionFree edition of the AVG anti-virus program for Windows and Linux.
Avira AntivirFree anti-virus software for Windows, Linux, Free BSD and Solaris

Freeware virus scanner for Windows.

Clam AV

Freeware, GPL, Linux. Clam Av is a GPL anti-virus toolkit for UNIX.

ClamWinFreeware, open-source anti-virus program for Windows.
FProtFree anti-virus program for Linux, BSD and Solaris (personal use only)
Microsoft Security EssentialsFree anti-virus program for Windows. This is the recommended solution for Windows computers.
PC Tools Anti-virusFree anti-virus program for Windows.